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"Over 2,000 people died of opioid overdoses in Massachusetts last year. Our state has one of the highest rates of opioid overdose deaths in the country. Substance use upends the lives of not only those facing an opioid use disorder, but their friends and family as well." - Elise Harmon

Last year I had the privilege to work with the MAPC artist in residence, the wonderful and talented Hortense Gerardo. Together we made this short documentary film called THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC: A MOTHER'S RECKONING, the story of a mother and daughter whose lives were upended by the opioid epidemic. “We want to stop the stigma,” says Houston-Bean in the video. “If it can happen to us, it can happen to you.”


You can watch this 7-min film now on the virtual edition of the Woods Hole Film Festival.

An other good news, we not only were selected by Los Angeles International Film Festival as part of the Indie Short Fest, but we also won a Certificate of Achievement.

Don't miss watching this important story!

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CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE: New documentary celebrates Boston’s ‘Latin Quarter’. 


“I felt compelled to tell the story because people needed to know the amount of effort the residents and activists and business owners in this area have put in to make this neighborhood what it is,” says Cohen. “I can eat the food that I love, I can speak in Spanish, and I can find a little bit of me in America.”

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THE LATIN QUARTER: A short film Directed by Monica Cohen and Produced by The BOOM House


This short documentary piece touches on the importance of the preservation of cultural enclaves within a city. The Latin Quarter, a Latinx neighborhood in the middle of Jamaica Plain in Boston, sets an example of community, resilience and growth. This film explores the history, the struggles and the impact such a neighborhood can have on a community, a city and most importantly, the next generation of Latinx in Boston.



Check out this awesome article on Boston Voyager: "Art and life with Monica Cohen"


"I grew up in a very closed and small Jewish community in Bogota-Colombia. Despite being forced to see and project my life in a very strict way, I always had dreams beyond the narrow paths I was supposed to walk through. I think that’s what makes the artist, the vision but the restrain to be something different generates a creative and unstoppable force." Monica Cohen




Enjoy our latest work. To note the original score using typewriter sounds for this powerful piece. Artist JULIE ANNE OTIS, created an artistic installation called AMERICAN THERAPY. Armed with typewriters, steno pads, paint brushes, and compassionate listening, writers and painters created a 200 square foot, evolving mural reflecting American experiences. All people had to do was speak their mind and tell the one thing they wished the entire country could hear.



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