THE BOOM HOUSE is a creative and socially motivated video production, music studio and multi-media company. We specialize in the creation of video and media campaigns for organizations and individuals working in the arts. We focus on the unique impact art has on people and it's power to communicate, connect and transform.


At THE BOOM HOUSE, we believe in passion for creating great ideas and transforming them into compelling visual content that help individuals and organizations communicate their vision. We hope that our work strengthens the role of the artists and cultural activists in their important roll to stretch our imagination, teach compassion and promote equity in our divers planet; and to protect and enrich liberty, human dignity and an inclusive public discourse that's at the heart of a healthy and just society. 


Video is a critical component in spreading awareness about the work you do, and we're here to help in that effort. We invite you to brows our website and contact our team. We're eager to help you weave your story.



Our clients:


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