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THE BOOM HOUSE is a creative and socially motivated video production, music studio and multi-media company. We specialize in the creation of video content and media campaigns for organizations and individuals with a documentary film style. We focus on the unique impact storytelling can have to communicate, connect and transform.


At THE BOOM HOUSE, we believe in passion for creating great ideas and transforming them into compelling visual content that help individuals and organizations communicate their vision through the visualization of the human experience. We hope that our work creates bridges by stretching our imagination, teaching compassion and promoting equity in our beautifully divers planet; we hope to protect and enrich liberty, human dignity and an inclusive public discourse that's at the heart of our values and our work ethic. 


Video is a critical component in spreading awareness about the work you do, and we're here to help in that effort. We invite you to brows our website and contact our team. We're eager to help you weave your story.


Here at THE BOOM HOUSE our team contracts and expands to serve our clients needs. We are connected to the video and film community in Boston and beyond with trusted and talented partners who come into our projects to complete our crew as needed.


MONICA COHEN is a passionate Colombian award winning filmmaker and music composer dedicated to social documentaries focusing on art and culture. Monica is the co-owner and co-founder of The Boom House Productions.


She moved to New York City in 2010 and since then has collaborated in a wide variety of video and film projects as a Director, a Producer, DP and some times even as a sound mixer and a music composer. There she also worked in film distribution for dGenerate Films, as an assistant producer for Cine Institute and Crowing Roosters, and as an editor for Stick Figures and Big Fish Entertainment. She co-produced MY NAME IS PEDRO (2017), an award winning documentary film that premiered in Woodstock Film Festival in 2016 (Honorable Mention) and won best documentary award at Golden Door International Film Festival and the audience award at Chicago Latino Film Festival and Brooklyn Film Festival.


She moved to Boston in 2015 with her fearless daughter and loving husband where she directed and produced BOSTON'S LATIN QUARTER (2018), a short documentary film about the importance of the preservation of cultural enclaves within a city that premiered at the Boston International Latino Film Festival. Monica recently produced and directed DREAMS OF CHONTA (2020), her first award winning feature documentary film selected at multiple film festivals like Seattle Latino Film Festival, Philadelphia Latino Film Festival and United Latino Film Festival where she got an award for best documentary.

Recently, Monica was one of the co-directors of CONNECTIONS:NO ONE IS AN ISLAND (2021), a global multi-media interactive story about the connections and experiences people shared throughout the pandemic, a project that made it's debut at CPH:DOX in April 2021. She directed NEGRURA (2022) an experimental short documentary film that explores Afro-Latinx identity and co-directed MORE THAN MAS' (2022) a short documentary film that takes you back to the weeks before Boston's Caribbean Carnival.

Monica now teaches Production at Boston University and she continues to create powerful pieces rooted in storytelling sparking important conversations that put culture and art in the center of social transformation and human connection.


RENATO MILONE is a talented and experienced Composer / Drummer / Producer / Sound engineer / instructor and the co-founder and co-owner of The BOOM House.


Renato started his music career in Italy at Universitá di Roma teaching “Drum set Principals”, “Introduction to Studio Recording “, “Songwriting”, and “Sound Engineering”. As an independent drummer he worked with the top notches musicians in the Italian and American Jazz and Pop scene.

He moved to the United States in 2008 where he received a scholarship and recognition as “Best Producer at Berklee College of Music. He collaborated in the production of CDs released by Compass Production for “Target” with Adi Yeshaya and Michale Becker (Arrangers for Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston) and produced various new artists from different parts of the world like Silvina Moreno and Uku Suviste. He co-produced and was sound engineer for Whitney Houston's new “Nothing But Love 2010 World Tour”.

In the present, Renato teaches Contemporary Writing and Production full time at Berklee College of Music and keeps working as an independent composer, producer and drummer.


“I have been producing and composing since the age of 7 when my dad bought me a Phillips double tape recorder on which I was messing around trying to over-dub my voice. Here I am now with the same drive and passion for music…”      - Renato

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